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Shahrzad Awyan

Odna is a movement artist, director/choreographer and a healing guide whose work focuses on reconnecting humanity with the Earth and Cosmic origin through body awareness. Her performance credits include MoMa PS1, NYC fashion Week, Luma Festival, Dixon Place theater, Moniker Art Fair, Got To Dance TV show to name a few. Over a course of 5 years, based on a life-long movement research and a professional dance training in New York City Odna has created a S.E.Movement Method, which helps reconnect with a body on a somatic level and open to our intuitive potential. While fulfilling her artistic mission of self expression and igniting a Revolution through Evolution in film, live performance and human art installations, she shares her healing gifts in private and group settings. Her healing abilities have been professionally explored in the USA and expanded in Egypt where she has been a diligent student of Shahrzad Awyan in Biomagnetic Touch healing method and sacred Khemetology school. As a traveling artist she follows aligning opportunities and creative wok invitations.

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